“Candice undertook an editing role with respect to the draft Marlborough Environment Plan and accompanying Section 32 Reports. The Plan guides the use, development and protection of natural and physical resources in Marlborough and will do so for a period of at least 10 years. It is important that the provisions it contains are easily understood by the community while also meeting statutory requirements, a considerable challenge. Candice took to this challenge with gusto. My team and I were impressed not just with the outcome of the editing review but also with the timely fashion in which she undertook the task. She was also able to adapt to the use of technical terms and language at times. The result is a planning document that is simpler in expression than it would otherwise have been but that also meets professional standards as a published document. This will assist to enable all members of the community to access and understand the provisions. This is important heading into a formal submission process where any person can make a submission on any provision. I would not have any hesitation in using Candice’s services again.” – Pere Hawes, Manager Environmental Policy, Malborough District Council

“Like an observant friend or partner who halts you from leaving the house with your fly undone or toilet paper looped around your ankle, so Candice’s tightly-honed editing ability saves much embarrassment. Her attention to detail, ear for the rhythms and sounds of the English language and power to install power in a flagging sentence constantly astonishes me. My short stories would remain red-faced without her.” – N. Bennett, fiction writer

“From cover letters to chapters. Proof-reading of varied material to detect typographical errors. It was reassuring to know that a second, fresh pair of eyes had been over the material. It’s easy to miss things when you become too familiar with a document – looking at it for days at a time! Candice was friendly, prompt and professional.” – D. Brown, Tutor, Lincoln University

“Candice provides me with copy editing for a range of plant physiology based publications, which includes checking grammar, spelling, typos, and style consistency. I am confident that the final publication will be polished because of her attention to detail, consistency and ability to work to tight timelines.” – B. Pottinger, scientific writer

“Candice has very good proof-reading and editing skills which I have used for checking scientific manuscripts that have been submitted to international journals. She has a great ability to turn sentences around so that they flow more naturally and communicate the points in a succinct manner. Candice has a quick turnaround, always returning the work in a timely, prompt manner. I have no reservations in recommending her as a very competent editor of scientific material.” – M. Bowie, Ecologist, Lincoln University