No matter what your job – author, business owner, web designer, marketer, report writer, student – it is vitally important to impress the reader with the clarity and quality of your documents. Nothing is more obvious in a document than a mistake! If presentation is poor, the reader may begin to suspect the content as well.

I can proofread your documents for basic errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation (copy editing), as well as offer more substantive editing suggestions on language usage, clarity of the piece, style consistency and overall flow. You are welcome to choose the extent of my input*. I mainly work in Microsoft Word using Track Changes, but I am also happy to make suggestions on hard copy – whatever works best for you. Please contact me to discuss your preferences.

My aim is to return all edited documents in a prompt and timely manner. Depending on the size of the document and your deadline, my estimated turnover time is usually 2-5 days for smaller jobs (10,000 words) and at least 3-4 weeks for larger jobs (100,000+ words). I understand however that you may have a more urgent deadline, or indeed no deadline at all – either way, please let me know and I will work with you to meet your needs.

*Students, please be aware that for assignments, theses and research proposals, I can offer only copy editing services as these documents must be in your own words. Please check with your supervisor whether your tertiary institution has a policy on third party editing.